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4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Utility Bill Next Month

Did you know that the United States has increased solar energy use by 22 percent? Undoubtedly, people across the country are looking for ways to reduce their utility bill since the price of traditional energy sources like electricity or gas has skyrocketed in the past years. And one effective way of reducing that cost is by having a home with energy efficiency.

Would you like to reduce your monthly utility bill payment? If so, we invite you to continue reading since we’ll give you some practical home energy efficiency tips.

1. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

One of the best ways to lower utility payments is to wash your clothes in cold water rather than hot. As you can imagine, the amount of energy it takes to heat an hour-long wash can amount to several dollars per minute. Moreover, most homeowners recommend using cold water since certain stains can set into fabrics when washed in hot water.

You can also purchase an energy efficient home washer machine that better manages energy consumption. But, the newer models are quite expensive, so don’t expect to find a cheap one!

2. Use Solar Panels

As mentioned in the introduction, many homeowners in the United States have switched to solar energy since it saves them money in the long run. Additionally, solar install cost has dramatically lowered, especially since governments grant tax refunds to homeowners that choose solar energy. On top of that, energy efficient homes with solar panels are worth a lot more, which means you can sell your house for more than it’s worth.

3. Start Using Smart Power Strips

Most people don’t know that power strips continue to use energy even if there’s nothing plugged into it. And while that extra bit of energy that the power strip consumes may seem insignificant, it’ll add up at the end of the year. The good news is that there are plenty of smart power strips that are made for energy efficient homeowners.

These power strips automatically shut off while nothing is plugged into them.

4. Put Your Devices to Sleep

Another way to reduce energy bill payments is to set your devices to sleep mode while not in use. For example, you can put your computer or gaming console to sleep mode if you’re not going to use it for several hours. Moreover, TVs are also known to waste energy, so try to unplug these devices while you sleep.

Reduce Your Utility Bill Payment With These Simple Steps

As you can see, there are several ways you can reduce your utility bill payment. But, of course, it takes time to transform a home into an energy-efficient one, so don’t feel dishearten if you don’t see any results. And don’t forget to bookmark this post so that you can refer to it in the future!

Did you find these tips helpful in having an energy efficient home? If so, our blog features plenty of other home-related articles that you may find helpful, so be sure to check them out! 

Author: Steffy Alen

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