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6 Ways to Add Space to Your Home that Won’t Break the Bank

Nobody wants to live in a cramped and congested environment, so making your home as spacious as possible is important. While some can afford a large home or apartment, not everyone can. It’s possible to create more storage in existing areas of your home if you take a look around.

It’s common for people to want to get the most out of their homes. With a limited budget and time, it may seem impossible to transform your space completely. But with these six simple tweaks, you can go a long way.

1. Consider Storing Things on Your Stairwell

With a staircase in your home, you can use it to store items. It’s possible to make good use of the under-stairs space by storing old items there or by designing your own storage solutions. This is an excellent option if you decide to repurpose silo house buildings and give them a new lease on life.

Here are a few ideas for maximizing the utility of the area beneath your stairwell:

Construct A Wine Rack

Install a wine rack under your stairwell if you don’t have the space for one. There is a lot of potential in using an empty staircase to showcase booze.

Create a Stairwell Room

It’s possible to adapt a large staircase into a study or office. You’ll prefer a sedate setting when you want to concentrate on anything, like reading or working.

Make a Cabinet

Adding some drawers, storage racks, and other compartments will help you make the most of your available storage space. You may discover amazing ideas on building your built-in drawers on the internet, or you can purchase one at a home furnishings store. If you have alternate tread stairs, you’ll want to make the space more functional by customizing it to your preferences.

2. Make the Most of Your Bedroom’s Available Space

You may not have a lot of space in your bedroom, but there are a number of creative and easy methods you may arrange your belongings. For small homes, this is the case. You make sure to maximize every square inch of space so that you don’t waste any of it.

Use the Extra Closet Space You Have

There may still be unused spots in your cabinets. You may need to reorganize your clothing and other possessions to free up some space.

Utilize The Space Under Your Mattress

Making use of the space under your bed is an excellent method to maximize the space in your room. By burying your belongings beneath the bed, you may clear up space in your cupboards and drawers. As an option, you may buy storage boxes that are designed to fit, have drawers under your bed, or get a bed that can be partitioned. With this idea, it’s time to move into your small home or silo structure and enjoy the new space you created.

3. Maximize the bathroom’s storage capacity.

In most cases, only one person at a time uses a restroom. Hence it’s usually sparsely stocked. No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, the following suggestions will help you make the most of your available space:

Add Mirrors to the Room

Adding mirrors to your bathroom will provide the illusion of more space and lighten the atmosphere. Excessively large mirrors should be avoided. It’s enough to have a medicine cabinet and a mirror on the sink to get by.

Unclutter the Floor

Towels and toiletries may also be hidden in clever ways. To free up space, you might place it beneath the vanity. The appearance of a larger bathroom may be created by increasing the amount of floor space.

Add Hooks for Mounting

You may hang your towels on mounting hooks installed behind the bathroom door when not in use. It would be ideal since it is concealed while the door is open.

4. Take Advantage of the Corners

If you’re tight on room, make use of the corners of your home. With built-in shelving or a desk in an awkward corner, you’ll be able to utilize the space you already have better. For those who don’t need storage space, consider a comfortable seating area in a corner. Your house will seem more practical and roomier due to using this previously underutilized area. If you want to live in a space-saving home, you need to make the most of every square inch.

5. Make Use of The Rooms That Aren’t Frequently Used for Storage

You can store stuff in your basement or attic if you have one. You may utilize this shelf unit to keep groceries that don’t fit in your kitchen cupboards. It’s also where you keep your old goods and furnishings.

To ensure that you can easily locate an item when you need it, be sure to arrange and identify your belongings carefully. Getting rid of stuff you no longer need might also assist.

Clear the Way to the Front Door

The personality of a family is reflected in their front door. Overcrowding the entryway can make the place seem claustrophobic. When entering, everyone in your party should be able to walk about freely.

When your house is cluttered, it will seem out of date. Furthermore, it will accumulate dirt, making your whole house seem much older than it is.

You may make the most of this space by setting up a waiting area where you can sit and store your children’s backpacks before they go to school.

6. Be Consistent 

Even while this isn’t a space-saving trick, it will give the impression that your room is much more significant. You must stick to one color palette in a small room or house. If you maintain a unified aesthetic across the area, it will seem to be much bigger than it really is. You may use whatever hue you choose, as long as it’s not too dark and stays neutral or quiet.

You don’t want to make a room seem smaller and more confined by painting it in a dark tone. Certain home renovation ideas may not be a good fit if you have a limited area. For example, your desire for a smaller house may be hampered if the current fashion is for dark woods and gloomy colors.


If you use these easy suggestions, you may get a better sense of how much space you really have. The stairs are a great location to start, since they provide various storage options.

The attic or basement might be used for storage if you have the space. Colors on the walls, kinds of shelving, and even the placement of mirrors may all be utilized to make a room seem more significant. If you don’t have the time to create your own organizations, you may utilize these tricks or purchase pre-made ones.

When it comes to getting rid of your belongings, a strategy is vital. To prevent becoming sidetracked and quitting up in the midst of a job, focus on one area at a time in your house. Whenever you’re debating whether or not to retain anything, try it out first and see whether it makes you happy. It’s okay if it doesn’t, just say thank you for the experience and go on.

Author: Bob Kappas

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