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Buy property in 2018 – top 10 places

When it comes to buy property in 2018 as an investment, one needs to balance risk and reward.

The most popular locations are not necessarily going to see the fastest growth in 2018 and rent yields won’t necessarily tag along property prices.

So, before buying, do your research. Within your budget, look for the types of properties and locations with the highest potential to increase in value, and with the highest yield, i.e., with the highest rental income for your investment.

Best-buy markets will typically have job growth, population growth and property will still be affordable.

Buying well means that you will have the possibility to have a much higher rental income or to sell in a short time with a profit.

According to the third Schroder’s Global Cities 30 Index these are the top 10 global cities for real estate investors.

1 – Los Angeles
2 – London
3 – Boston
4 – Chicago
5 – New York
6 – Hong Kong
7 – Houston
8 – Melbourne
9 – Singapore
10 – Shanghai

All those 10 places are probably out of reach for small investors, if that’s you, and you are planning to buy property in 2018 you may want to consider other – more affordable – locations, here we have a list of properties below 100,000 EUR in a city setting.

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