Make Staircases the Focus of Your House

Staircases are not only a functional aspect of a multi-storey building or home, but they can also be the statement piece of your home. They are an essential part of any multi-storeyed house and with some creativity, you can make them look stunning, unique, and amazing. If you are still confused about how to change the look of your staircase, here are some tips that will get you started.

Here’s some unique staircase tiles design for your home that will make your home look pretty and appealing.

Black Beauty

No colour says elegance, class, and refinement better than black. Black granite tiles will make your staircase look elegant, chic, and timeless. As black goes with almost everything, you will be able to change the look of your house without putting a hole in your pocket.

Mosaic Patterns for Stair Risers

While designing and decorating staircases, you should also focus on stair risers and not just the place where you tread. A bold stair riser decorated with mosaic and multi-patterned tiles is sure to grab attention. These tiles will catch the eye of every guest who visits you making them the central focus of your house.

Duo-Tone Marble Tiles

An easy yet chic way to decorate your staircase is by using two-toned marble tiles. This plan looks equally good in modern and contemporary designs and old-world home designs. You can choose tiles that complement each other or can also experiment and choose tiles that contrast each other making a bold yet beautiful statement piece. A warmer colour scheme will make your house look brighter while a cooler colour scheme will make your house look cosy and serene.

Mediterranean Designs

Allow the beauty of nature to take over your house with the help of Mediterranean-style tiles. These tiles in a stunning pairing of green and blue will make your house look like a tropical paradise. This is a great way to make your house seem new if you do not want to spend a lot on renovating the whole space. These tiles are classic and are used in Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired décor all over the world.

Wood-Finish Tiles

Wood is classy and chic, but it is also quite difficult to maintain. To solve this problem and to have the best of both worlds, invest in tiles designed to look like wood. Wood-finish tiles can make your house look elegant and pleasant. They add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your house and can also reduce the cost of maintenance. They also look stylish.

Warm Colour-Palette Style with Spanish Touch

A cool Spanish/Mexican style décor for your staircase can make them look vibrant, bold, and artisanal. This is an easy way to add that rustic yet antique charm to your house. They go well with various decors and are available in multiple sizes, shapes, designs, and patterns, making them highly versatile and customisable.

Monochrome, Matte, Ceramic Tiles

Monochrome matte ceramic tiles are simple, effective, efficient, and elegant. They will make your staircase look pristine, crisp, and clean. These tiles are highly recommended for wide staircases. You can choose from various colours such as beige and brown or can also choose something more vibrant such as green or orange. These are some of the most popular stair designs for homes.

Vibrant Fibre Tiles

Fibre tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and designs, and are an easy and cost-efficient way to add colours to your house. Choose bold, contrasting, and eye-catching colours so that your tiles will stand out from their surroundings without any issues. Fibre tiles are also easy to maintain making them efficient for all households.

Beautiful Pattern Tiles

Patterns can make any space in your house look chic and elegant. Installing patterned tiles on your staircases will make them look pretty with little to no effort. Other ways to use pattern tiles on your staircase include using patterned granite, ceramic, and marble tiles. You can also get custom-designed pattern tiles to make your house look more unique and personalised

Elegant staircases can make your otherwise boring décor quite stunning. Choose the tiles in such a way that they match (or contrast) your décor for a contemporary and chic look.

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