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2 acres for rent

Site for rent in
USA - North Carolina

€ 1,000

2 acres for rent

rent my 2 acres in burnsville, NC

I have 2 acres for rent to anyone who is wanting a little extra room to put "Big boy toys". Heavy equipment, boats, vehicles etc. We can have a agreement upon renting prices as well as the length of time of stay. I am flexible to negotiating package deals dependent on longer rental stays. Property has a slight slope but nothing that isn't accessible or manageable. If booking is available when you schedule I do want a small deposit that will be non refundable whenever booking dates are confirmed.

Wyndham Residence investment opportunity

Apartment for sale in
Georgia - Ajaria

€ 33,500

Wyndham Residence investment opportunity

25-storey complex with stunning sea and mountain views on the first line of the seacoast offers investment opportunity and partnership with the worldwide hotel chain Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. A hotel chain with 81 million visitors is a guarantee to a stable income and high occupancy of the hotel rooms. A 5-star hotel complex with all the infrastructure, with a private beach and the only casino in the area is the guarantee to a luxury holiday and a memorable stay for the guests.
hotels rooms, designed and inspired by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts standards is offered in a turnkey condition with furniture and appliances and the full ownership is transferred to the buyer with the freedom of personal use or resell at any stage.
Represented in 223 countries, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts gives the opportunity to invest in the branded hotel apartments in Georgia, Batumi with the best price possible and receive the most stable income.
Your chance to become an owner of the hotel room in an international brand Wyndham Hotels and Resorts that will be there to welcome a guest wherever they go.

Penthouse apartment with 3 bedrooms in Gerber 3, Sunny Beach

Apartment for sale in
Bulgaria - Burgas

€ 38,000

Penthouse apartment with 3 bedrooms in Gerber 3, Sunny Beach

IBG Real Estates is pleased to offer this spacious 3-bedroom penthouse apartment on two levels in complex Gerber 3, Sunny Beach. The complex is on a short walking distance from the beach and only 200 meters from the central pedestrian street. There are many supermarkets, shops, various restaurants, and other amenities all within 5 to 7 minutes’ walk.
The apartment for sale offers 71.21 sq.m., the entrance is on the 5th floor and It consists of:
Level 1 - a living room with kitchen and enough space for dining area, a big balcony with nice view to the surroundings, two bedrooms and a bathroom with bathtub, toilet and sink
Level 2 -a third bedroom or an office space.
This apartment is for sale unfurnished as shown on the pictures which allows you to furnish it to your taste and style..

Complex Gerber 3, Sunny Beach offers:
- Swimming pool with children section
- Children playground
- BBQ area
- Reception
- 24-hour video surveillanc
- Elevator
- Parking
- Internet and cable TV
- Burgas International Airport 21 km.
- Nessebar – 2 km.
- Annual maintenance fee is 10 EUR/sq.m.

Ref. 8580

We can arrange an online viewing in real time via WhatsApp, Viber or similar. Alternatively you can request a 360-degree virtual tour of a property or properties you like most, so that you can walk around them from the comfort of your home and show it to your partner or family.

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Eight Things You Should Know About Before Buying A Home In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular places to buy a home in. Every year, the worldwide population visits the most expensive city in the US and has a great time doing the things they love. If settling in Vegas has been your dream too, then there is a list of Henderson Las Vegas home for sale. But, before buying a home, consider reading these things that can be important for you to know.

1. You get a variety to select from

Before you decide anything, you have to settle on a budget. There are a variety of places available for you to settle down but, you should be aware that the hottest real estate place in the market has to come at a greater price. So, decide on a budget and start searching for a place that suits you the best. The type of home you are looking for also depends on your budget as they all have different prices. If you are looking for a villa, you are expected to keep your budget higher than an apartment.

2. You should go through the requirements of buying a home in Vegas

Once you are through in successfully selecting the home of your dreams, the next thing in line is looking at the requirements to buy a home in the area of your choice. You might need a pre-approved home loan before settling down at one residence. Make sure that the approval is not from anyone but a decent lender. You have to keep other things in mind, and for that, it’s best to consult someone with experience. If you can’t find a home yet, try the list of Henderson Las Vegas homes for sale. We are sure something will come up!

3. Have you heard about the green neighborhood?

If you are a planet lover and want to find a place that saves the environment, look for a green neighborhood house. Such sites are environmentally friendly but come at an expensive rate. These days more and more people are trying to look for a place here. It not only helps save the environment but makes sure you are safe too!

4. Living away from the strip is always a better idea

Looking for the best property in Las Vegas, then you should avoid the area near the strip. This is because you will have to research a lot when finding a school or amenities like a gym nearby. Going here on vacation purposes does make sense, but why take a home that is not family-friendly and involves many struggles? Shifting to a new home should always be convenient and easy.

5. It might be expensive so negotiating is a must

Negotiating on small things like a pen or a notebook might not make sense but negotiating on the house does! Wouldn’t it be good if you save some dollars while hunting for the best home in the town? Real estate being hotter in Las Vegas makes the property dealer more accountable in asking for a higher price. Helping yourself might get you a better deal, and there is nothing harmful in trying, right?

6. You have to decide early as houses are selling soon

Construction in Las Vegas is catching up speed because of which moderately priced properties are selling at a faster rate. So, acting fast is one option you have! Making a decision ASAP is an important step as you never know next day you will find the same house at the same price or not! Try to negotiate to an extent where the seller does not get tempted by someone who is paying a little more than you.

7. It won’t be that easy to buy a house in the hottest market

Just like you, there are a lot of people looking for a place to settle in L. A. It is not impossible, but it might not be easy for you to settle on a property because the demand and supply are running together. While the legal process can be easy and fast, you have to make sure that your decision-making power is one the same rate as well. You might love a few houses, and by the time you decide on one, all your choices are sold! As the market is on fire, it is not a smooth task to buy the home of your dreams.

8. Try creative offers to impress buyers

Creativity is one of the best ways to impress someone uniquely. While all the buyers are approaching in an ordinary fashion, you can make a difference and get the house with your creativity to pitch differently. Tr y taking a homebuyer education course to learn all the details. A few tips from us include, try making an offer before they speak about the price. Try to work with experienced men who know the field and will help you in the best way possible.

Buying a place in Las Vegas might not be a daunting task if you have the right people behind you. It is the hottest market globally, and things might work on a priority basis, but if you try and work it out, you can get what you are looking for without much of a problem.

10 Technology Trends Disrupting Real Estate Today

The evolution of technology has branched out into different spheres of society, impacting it both positively and negatively. From our means of communication to even the manufacturing of food has been affected by technology. Similarly, the effects can also be seen in real estate.

Technological impact on real estate has increased significantly over the years, and it is accurate to say that it’s causing fundamental change. In this article, we will be discussing ten technology trends that are disrupting real estate today. Some of these trends are:

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence has evolved over the years, and it is now being used in the real estate market. Artificial intelligence involves the conversion of collected data into action. It helps in making smarter decisions because certain pattern recognition will be built into the system. Along this line, artificial intelligence in real estate algorithms and other technological-related frameworks will facilitate high-quality property management, including better lighting and security, among other important features. For instance, instead of searching for properties manually with a real estate agent, you can use an online real estate marketplace. An online real estate marketplace helps its users to streamline the home search process with artificial intelligence. According to the requests put in by the users, the AI brings out the best possible options.

2. Blockchain.

Blockchain is a relatively new development in the tech industry. Blockchain technology can be referred to as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. In other words, blockchain makes digital assets transparent through the use of cryptographic hashing. Blockchain is significantly affecting real estate in terms of its record and information. Blockchain, through its processes, will significantly decrease fraudulent activities and property prices.  Also, cryptocurrencies and their constant evolution will affect the real estate industry sooner or later.

3. Real Estate robots

Over the years, it has been a constant thought on the minds of technology developers to see if robotics can replicate the functions of humans. Although there hasn’t been any sign of its perfection, effective robots that perform crucial tasks have been created.  For instance, real estate robots assist real estate agents in the performance of specific duties. Virtual assistants, robots, voice bots, or chatbots help consumers get quick answers to all their complaints on time. This enables good communication for both parties, thereby creating an effective business relationship. Pro-active real estate companies make use of these bots for the effective rendering of services.

4. Drones

Drones technology is also disrupting the whole process of real estate. They provide efficient aerial photography that helps create a fantastic virtual experience that can display how a certain property looks like. An additional function of drones that further proves their usefulness is the fact that they can provide visuals of areas that are inaccessible. This means that you can decide to purchase a property without even visiting the location, which enhances the comfortability of users. Also, drones can be used as a marketing strategy by real estate firms. By using features such as geolocation with drones, real estate agents can measure the quality of a property and the areas surrounding it.

5. Data automation

Various tasks in real estate that was usually performed manually can now be automated for ease of the process. For instance, processes like data collection, data scraping, data processing, and other tasks can now be automated to increase efficiency, i.e., making things done easier and quicker. As a part of real estate, marketing automation is already enabling real estate firms to deliver real-time messages to prospective buyers during the sales process, automatically boosting their efficiency level.

6. Big data

The whole concept behind ‘big data’ is to accumulate all possible information in a particular field and use relevant to answer requests. Big data, essentially, is the study and extraction of information from vast amounts of data. As it relates to real estate, big data helps in the collection or acquisition of data from customers, which is in the form of requests. These requests will be used to examine their behavioural patterns, which will be used to predict a user’s behaviour. Through these predictions, the best and appropriate options in terms of the user’s preferences will be matched.

7. Virtual reality

This aspect of technology has affected so many areas, which includes gaming and now real estate. Virtual reality makes the whole process of searching and buying properties exciting because interested or prospective buyers can get a virtual tour of the properties they are interested in remotely. An interested customer can now get a visible virtual tour of what they want before they make their decision. A crucial factor that triggered this process is the COVID19 era which further pushed virtual reality acceptance.

8. Mobile applications

From the start of the 21st century, the development of applications has been evolving, becoming crucial to society. You can order food, clothes and even equipment through apps that are specifically designed for such purposes. These same developments also apply to the real estate industry. There are various apps you can now use to buy, sell or rent properties and even contact agents that will put you through the whole process. It enhances convenience, and it ultimately saves time and stress. Due to the conveniences it brings, it is becoming a growing area in the real estate industry.

9. Safer buildings

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, properties will now be constructed with the occupants’ health benefits in mind. Technology has now become intertwined in the construction of most houses, thereby giving it a different outlook that would affect the real estate market. The new process spans a variety of means. Some of them include HEPA filters with UV lights and technological-related sanitization measures. This technology area will be important in updating existing real estate, and it will cause significant changes.

10. 5G

With the establishment of 5G technology, the whole process of communication can be more secure and consistent. With higher bandwidth, virtual tours of properties to remote buyers can go smoothly and effectively, ensuring stability in business. Furthermore, security, surveillance and maintenance will be optimized through the use of 5G technology in the real estate industry.

Final thoughts

For years, real estate and its intricacies have been growing along a certain line. However, with the addition and improvement of technology, a significant and irreparable effect has been made on the real estate industry.

About the author

Charlie Svensson is a skillful and engaging freelance and online essay writer. He is skilled in content writing, blogging and also in providing the best essay services. His contents usually center around education, social media, marketing, SEO, motivation blogging and self-growth, and he posts some of his works on review.

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The Importance of Estate Planning at Any Age

You plan for a lot of things in life, like vacations, choosing which car to buy and even buying a house. However, many people don’t consider estate planning. Estate planning decides who will inherit your assets after you pass away, and holds a lot of value. It might not be as fun to think about as your next vacation, but estate planning is necessary to ensure your belongings go to the right people or places. 

Estate planning may sound like it’s just for the wealthy, but everyone should have an estate plan. Without settling your affairs, your loved ones can be negatively impacted after you pass away. Here’s why estate planning is important at any age. 

Protects Beneficiaries 

End of life planning is necessary for all people, especially those with families. It’s not just about who gets what, but helps create a plan to decide who will be in charge of everything from typical household activities, to paying taxes. Even if you’re not leaving much behind, if you don’t decide who receives what you do have, you won’t have any control over what happens to it. 

For example, you can’t just assume that your home will be handed down to your children if you pass away. An estate plan is the only way to guarantee that everything you leave behind is left to your loved ones, and allows you to ensure their protection.

The main component of end of life planning is choosing the heirs for your assets, whether it’s your house or your favorite vase. Without this plan, the courts will decide who gets your assets, which can be a long and ugly process that can hurt your loved ones and their relationships with one another.

A will specifically names who gets your assets, so it’s important that you create one as soon as possible to make sure your family gets everything they need. 

Protects Young Children

While you don’t want to consider what will happen if you die young, you need to think about the future. If you’re the parent of an underage child, you need to prepare yourself and them for what’s to come if you pass away. To ensure that your children are cared for the way you want them to be, you will name guardians who will take over custody if both parents were to pass away before the children are over the age of 18. Without naming these individuals, the courts will determine who will raise your children. 

If you have anyone specific in mind who you think would be a good guardian to your children, talk to them about it to make sure that it’s something they are comfortable with. Many parents choose to name godparents for their children within their extended family, but this can also extend to friends or other loved ones. However, unless these individuals are specifically mentioned in your estate plan, then you cannot guarantee that these will be the people to take care of your children if you pass away. 

Prevents Heirs From Paying Hefty Taxes

Estate planning is all about ensuring the protection of your loved ones, which can mean helping them save money. When you transfer assets to heirs, there will be a tax burden on them. However, with the right planning, you can lessen the amount they’ll pay on taxes when transferring your assets. To help with your taxes, you can use an easy-to-use, professional tax software

Eliminates Family Drama

We’ve all watched the horror stories unfold on our favorite soap operas, but nobody wants to experience family drama due to a lack of an estate plan in real life. When someone with money or assets dies, family members typically start a war between one another. One sibling may believe that they are entitled to more than everyone, while another believes they should be the one in charge of the finances. 

This type of fighting can get ugly quickly and end up in court with your family members pitted against each other, forced to choose sides. 

An estate plan enables you to stop the fighting before it even begins. You are the one in control of where your finances and assets go if you become incapacitated or pass away. This can help you avoid family drama and keep your loved ones from fighting. 

Saves Time and Money

If you pass away without an estate plan, the laws where you live will determine what happens to your estate. Probate court will name a representative to make sure your assets are distributed. This job typically goes to the surviving spouse, but if you don’t have one and no family member is willing to take on the task, the court will name a public trustee.

During this period, no one will be able to touch your assets or carry out any of your directives. Everything is essentially frozen until the court figures everything out. This probate process involves paperwork and court appearances, which means your loved ones will be spending valuable time away from their jobs and families to make sure your affairs are settled.

Estate Planning Ensures Your Safety

Estate planning doesn’t just mean drafting a will for after you pass away. In fact, it can take care of you while you’re still alive. An estate plan can include a power of attorney (POA) and healthcare proxy that ensure your wishes are fulfilled if you become incapable of fulfilling them yourself. Power of attorney designates someone who is authorized to handle your legal and financial affairs when you can’t, while a healthcare proxy is someone who can make healthcare decisions for you.

Without this living will, determining who among your family members can take care of these important duties can get difficult. The court might have to appoint someone who is unfamiliar with your wishes to make decisions for you. 


While you may be young now, you never know what the future holds. If you have young children, you should at least have a will drafted to ensure their safety and protection. Whether you’re married or single, having an estate plan can help you and your loved ones in the future. 

Estate planning also gives you a sense of control over your property, which can be taken by the state if there’s no one to give your assets to. As someone who might be single, an estate plan gives you the power to give your assets to a friend or charity instead of the government.

Matt Casadona

Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys San Diego life, traveling, and music. 

attic into bedroom

7 Steps to Convert Your Attic into a Bedroom

Your growing family needs more space, and you may quickly consider converting your basement or garage into a bedroom. But are you aware that your attic has more potential to become a unique room?

You may think that it is a daunting task to plan an attic conversion because you need money and time to make it happen. However, with proper planning, you can have your new bedroom with minimal stress. Here are some steps to help you:

1.      Building Code and Permits

An attic conversation may require a building permit during the planning stages. A building code has several safety standards that ensure the stability and safety of your house. It includes considerations about the ceiling height, width, and total square footage of the room. Your proposed bedroom must meet the building code requirements, especially if you plan to lease or sell it later in the future.

You can check with your local government unit to know if your attic conversion needs a permit. You must bring the completed plans for a quick and accurate answer. If you are adding windows or changing the roofline, you will need to obtain a permit first. 

2.      Angled Ceilings

The steep slope ceiling can be a problem when you decide to convert your attic into a bedroom because it limits the usable space and blocks any headroom. You can solve this issue by putting a unique piece of architecture to highlight the elements, such as using ceiling treatments. You may add a design by painting it using an eye-catching color or use paneling on the angles with molding. You can prefer to create a textured wall by painting over the molding to add visual interest.

3.      Walls

Your attic bedroom will not have more wall space than your other rooms because of the steep ceiling angle. You may try using wall treatments by adding an extra interior wall. If you have a smaller space, you may try light colors to make the room look larger and more open. A more polished finish is also feasible by having faux panels with molding.

You can build shorter closets to maximize small areas and gain valuable square footage. Taller walls can match the angle and meet the ceiling, but it can be challenging to find furniture that will fit. You may prefer to have custom-made storage to correspond to the unconventional space. You can add shelving units into the walls to keep clutter off the floor.

4.      Windows

Your window design must fit your space because a standard small window may not be enough for it to reach its full potential and make the space livable. You may opt for an easily accessible larger window that meets the building code. It has to be accessible and serve as an emergency exit in case of fire.

Windows also offer natural light, which helps your room look larger and brighter. You may prefer skylights because they provide a natural fit into a roofline and provide added headroom. The Dormer window extends from a sloped roofline for small nooks. It creates a dynamic element to the exterior, and you can add a desk or bench that also serves as a storage unit.

5.      Floors

Flooring is essential in your bedroom conversion, but you must check that your floor has a structurally sound and robust surface. You can consider the amount of weight and movement that your flooring must accommodate when you transform the attic into a bedroom. Reinforcing the floor joists can make the flooring safe.

Hardwood floors may be suitable for other rooms in your house, but for the attic bedroom, a carpet can be your best bet because of its soundproofing benefits. You don’t want to create a lot of noise below that will disturb other family members. Carpets absorb sound and require an additional layer of subflooring to eliminate the noise from below.

6.      Stairs

Many attics have ladders because their original intention is for storage areas. If you convert it to a bedroom, you may need to build a staircase because ladders are not stable and unsafe for everyday use. A conventional stair is more reliable than a ladder but occupies more floor space below. You may opt for a spiral stair as it has wide steps but does not occupy a lot of space.

7.      Utilities

More often than not, your attic’s design is strictly for storage; thus, it does not have the appropriate utilities such as temperature control and electricity.

  • Temperature Control

The attic is hotter than the rest of your house during the winter and summer. You must install temperature control to ensure that you are comfortable in your planned bedroom. You may place a ceiling fan to cut down on your cooling and heating bills. However, it will not solve all your temperature control issues.

You may also invest in spray foam insulation to fill the crevices. It reduces your utility bills and helps soundproof your room. You can install insulation in your ceiling, walls, or floor to control the temperature. If your attic has an HVAC system, you may still prefer to add more temperature control because you will have someone moving in the room full time.

  • Electric

Your attic may already have electrical wiring, but you need more light fixtures and outlets if you wish to convert it into a bedroom. You can select light fixture designs that do not give off a lot of heat. You may prefer recessed lights because they provide light without heating the space. You can tuck them into the ceiling.

Your dream to convert your attic into a livable space is exciting, but you must ensure that you do it right to save on time and costs. You may consider the steps listed to add value to your home and have more bedrooms for your growing family.

About the Author

Leon Collier is the UK’s prolific academic writer and blogger with vast experience working as one of the essay writers providing college essay papers. He is someone you will love to collaborate with because he loves challenges and delivers outstanding work regularly. He is a voracious book reader and enjoys playing tabletop games when he is not busy with work. You can follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12.

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cheap houses

Cheap Houses: What You Should Know

Houses are expensive. Especially in densely populated urban areas. But there are some houses on the market that only cost a few thousand dollars.

Where can you find those dirt-cheap houses? One place we found for example is Bulgaria where you can get affordable houses, even some that are close to the beach.

Example: Cheap Houses in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in the Balkans, Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the north and the Republic of Macedonia to the east. The country has a population of 7,6 million people and is one of the oldest countries in Europe.

Bulgaria offers beauty and history for all types of travellers willing to explore it. It is very affordable as well. For instance, a meal in a restaurant will cost you around 2 euros maximum, while accommodation will cost you anything from 10 euros per night for an apartment up to 50 euros per night for a hotel room with 4 stars. Bulgaria also has some remarkable festivals that are worth checking out – like the folk festival “Kukeri” during which participants dress up as masked characters with colourful outfits and dance around bonfires!

There are also many other reasons why you might want to consider property investment in Bulgaria such as:

– The country has a low crime rate

– There are plenty of opportunities for owning businesses

– Land prices are very low

4 Factors Affecting the Cost of a House

The cost of a house can vary in four main ways.

1) Location: the cost of a house will depend on where it is located. For example, a house right at the beach will cost you more than one in the middle of nowhere.

2) Size: the size of the property will also affect the price. For example, properties with a bigger backyard or more rooms might be more expensive than other homes with less space to offer.

3) Age: this factor is closely related to size and features but it also includes things like how old are the pipes? Or how new are the appliances? This is important because older homes might need lots of repairs and upgrades.

4) Amenities: another thing that affects housing prices is what kind of amenities, such as a pool or a gym, come with the property.

3 Ways to Make Your Home More Affordable

There are many simple ways to make your home more affordable. Here are 3 of them:

– Consider downsizing

– Look for a mortgage with a lower interest rate

– Consider walking away from your mortgage

– Consider to move to the Countryside

Downsizing is the most common way to make your home more affordable. The truth is that the size and space of your home can have an impact on its value. You could also look for a mortgage with a lower interest rate, which would help decrease the amount of money you spend each month. Lastly, it may be time to consider walking away from your mortgage if you have reached the end of what you can afford or if you are struggling to come up with additional funds.


Don’t look for a house that is bigger than you actually need it. Know what you can comfortably afford and then be flexible about the location as well as be ready to do some repair works yourself. Like that you will find cheap houses in no time.


Our Property under 20k team are the founders of and with the goal to search the cheapest real estate in the world and make it easy for others to find. The team is made up of landlords, real estate investors, architects and builders from several different countries.  We just love to have a good strong cup of coffee while we write our experiences in this blog.

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power your tiny house

3 Ways To Power Your Tiny Home

When you build your home from scratch, you will be able to design it in a way that suits your needs perfectly. This is the case for tiny houses. When you plan your tiny home, you make sure to utilize every part of it maximally so you don’t have an inch of space left unused. However, to live in and adequately enjoy your tiny home, you need to power it sufficiently, whether you’re on the grid or off the grid. 

It may be easier to focus more on the fun activities involved in the design of your tiny home, such as picking out your furniture or choosing the exterior paint color. However, some decisions are more urgent and need to be sorted before others. One such decision is how to power your tiny home. This is essential as it can affect your construction process. So you must sort it out as soon as possible. For instance, some of the things you have to consider during your design are electrical panels, light switches placement, necessary connections for solar, etc., depending on which method or power source you go for. 

You need intended parking locations and available budget as major components while you plan the building to establish your power. There are three different options that you may consider:

1. External power generators

You may decide to live on-grid and hook your home up to an electricity provider. However, this is not an option that most tiny homeowners resort to. One of the most typical ways for tiny homeowners to power their home is by using power generators. With a power generator, you don’t have to live on-grid to power your home. You can be off-grid, so this allows you to build your tiny home anywhere you desire without fear of powering it. Getting a portable external power generator gives you the level of flexibility that you need to power your home on the go, and it doesn’t require wiring. 

While many of these generators use gasoline-style or propane fuel, there are several other options that you can settle for. Thankfully, the market is now ridden with more clean energy generators. This allows you to build your tiny home in line with environmental-friendly standards and also get a portable clean energy generator to power it. 

If your tiny home is built on wheels, then you are better off getting portable solar generators that allow you to move freely whenever you want to. However, it is more cost-effective to use this as a backup option than the primary power source because of the recharge time and limited capacity. 

You should note, though, that it may be more costly to power your home with a generator if you want to live off-grid. This is because you have to rely on fuels, and if you are always indoors, the monies add up pretty quickly. 

2. Solar power 

Using solar energy to power your house is an excellent idea for a tiny house. This enables you to be self-sufficient and gives you more off-grid flexibility. However, solar power doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for tiny houses. Each one would have a unique solution based on the daily energy usage in each house. 

Thankfully, several companies offer this service, letting you leverage sunshine to provide power to your tiny home, especially in an environmentally friendly manner. However, you may need to get specialist advice to be well-informed about everything you should know about this power source. Also, you have to keep yourself informed about the most budget-friendly products that you need for installing a solar power system in your tiny home.

You don’t have to panic if you are living in a place where there isn’t much fun. Solar power allows you to generate energy under rainy or cloudy climates still. So, there’s no reason to miss out on this sustainable power source in your home, wherever you are. 

Another thing that you should know is that using solar energy is not necessarily a big commitment or a big project like covering your roof with solar panels. You don’t have to commit yourself that much. You could start small, but you need to get appliances that can run on the available solar energy.

The placement of your home is another thing that you should pay attention to if you are going to power it through solar energy. It would be more helpful if you paid more attention to your home’s exposure to the sky. If you are going to make the most of the sunlight, then it makes sense that your tiny house is built directly under the sky where your panels have clear access to the sun and can leverage on it. 

3. Wind power

Wind power is another excellent option for you if you are looking to live sustainably and away from the use of fossil fuels. You could get small turbines that can fit into the top of your tiny home. Using wind power doesn’t have the limitations of needing a large property or space. It can work well for your tiny house too. However, these small turbines may not have enough in them to generate the amount of electricity that you need to power your home entirely. So, it makes more sense to have this energy source as a backup or second option while you use additional sources such as power generators and solar panels to power your tiny house. 

If you can go for the giant wind turbine and mount it on a tower, then you will be able to use it fully to power your home. However, you must be living in a region with a windy climate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to generate enough electricity to power your house still. 

Whether you are building or buying a tiny home, if your preferred source of energy is wind power, then you must be sure that you are located in an area where there’s enough wind to generate the needed power. A microturbine mounted on a tower needs an approximate 36-foot diameter footprint before it can be installed. This makes it better suited for homesteads. 


An advantage of living in a tiny home is that it allows you to stay off-grid if that’s your preference. However, you need alternative means to power your home, which have been discussed in this article. Additionally, the power source that you choose will affect your daily lifestyle.

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house for 100k

How can I get a house for 100k or less?

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need to be rich in order to buy a house. In fact, there are many ways you can save money and still get a house under 100k.

Houses are a big investment and one that should not be taken lightly. That is why it is important to find the perfect house for you, in the best location and for a price that fits your budget.

Average house prices

According to the survey, the average amount people are spending on a house now is around $400,000. So, it would take a lot of research and work to find a house that’s cheaper than 100k.

There are many ways you can get a house for close to 100k or even less than that. It just takes some time and work on your end.

Find the best value for your money

It’s not always easy to find cheap homes in the marketplace. There are many aspects that affect the value of a home. The general rule of thumb, however, is to buy close to the city centre if you want better value.

Some people say that it might be easier to find a cheap home by looking at area listings, or by looking at other more affordable areas outside of the city centre. However, this might not be possible for everyone who wants to live in an urban setting.

Be more creative in your search

So, what should you do? Get creative with your search and don’t limit yourself too much by just looking at one area when there are so many others out there for you to explore!

Saving up for a down payment is the first big step in achieving this goal. You can save the down payment by living with your parents or by renting an apartment in an inexpensive location and then saving up more money over time.

A lot of people want to purchase a home but they don’t have the money. It’s not uncommon for people to spend their life savings on a house – which is why many people end up living in their parents’ basement. That’s actually not a bad idea if it helps you to save up for your own home at the same time.

There are certainly ways to get houses for 100k or less if you have patience and know where to look.

Be more specific in your search

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases that you will ever make. That said, if you are looking for a cheap home, it’s best to be more specific in your online search and don’t just rely on general words like ‘cheap home’ or ‘good deal’.

Be flexible when it comes to DIY

If you are up for DIY, you can get a fixer-upper home at a lower price. All you need is to take some time off and do the renovation work yourself. Not only will it make your home look better, but it will also help in saving money on labour costs.

Fixer Upper Homes: Fixer-upper homes are properties that have not been renovated or updated for a long time. Even if the property doesn’t have any major structural damage, they may need new paint and flooring, as well as other cosmetic improvements.

Investors are starting to pay attention to the potential in fixer-upper homes. With a low purchase price and a lower mortgage, it is easier than ever to buy a fixer-upper house.

The process of fixing up a home can be very rewarding; you have the opportunity to make your house uniquely yours. It also has the potential to be profitable, too. Fixing up your home can increase its value by hundreds of thousands of dollars if you do it right!


Now, you’ve seen the best ways to buy a house for 100k or less. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling and find your dream home today!


Our Property under 20k team are the founders of and with the goal to search the cheapest real estate in the world and make it easy for others to find. The team is made up of landlords, real estate investors, architects and builders from several different countries.  We just love to have a good strong cup of coffee while we write our experiences in this blog.

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Find the Price of Your House

6 Ways to Find the Price of Your House in the Local Area

Selling a home can be a tiresome process especially for someone who has never done it before. There are a lot of things that you need to consider to avoid getting ripped off. Everything from the real estate agent you hire to the ads that you post online will determine how successful you’ll become at the end of the selling process.

Before you think of posting your property on the real estate market, you need to ensure that you get the ideal listing price. This might sound like an easy thing to do. However, it’s more complicated than what the majority of people think. This is because a lot of factors affect the value of your house in the market. At times, the smallest things such as a faulty garage door can negatively affect the value of your house.

Therefore, finding out the worth of your home is not a process that you should take lightly. To help you avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed, we’ve compiled a few practical tips that will help you find the price of your house in the local area. Let’s get started!

What affects the value of your home?

As we said earlier, there are a lot of things that affect the market value of your home. Knowing these aspects is essential if you want to get the best price for your house. In this section, we are going to talk about these important aspects.

The first is location. The distance from amenities, schools, roads, and your neighborhood can make a huge difference when determining the worth of your house.

The second is the size of your property. You need to measure the square footage and the usable space available. You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that buyers are willing to pay more for bigger homes. However, don’t get carried away by this fact.

Another important aspect that determines your home’s value is its current state and age. In most cases, older homes tend to be cheaper than newer homes. Keeping your home in shape by improving it consistently can greatly boost its value. Other important things that can affect the value of your home include:

  • The conditions of the real estate market
  • The number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Economic aspects such as interest rates
  • Previous sale prices
  • Home upgrades

Estimating the value of your home

Now that you are aware of the factors that determine the value of your home, let’s discuss a few important ways how you can estimate the value of your home before listing it.

1.      Utilize online tools

Most people today use automated valuation models (AVMs) to discover the value of their homes. According to a recent study, 22 percent of homeowners use websites to find out the worth of their homes. These tools analyze records such as location, property taxes, listing prices, and recent sales to predict the value of your home. The use of an online estimator is one of the best ways to discover the worth of your property. However, you should keep in mind that these online tools don’t provide a 100 percent accurate value to your property. Nevertheless, you’ll get a clue of its value.

2.      Hire a professional

Most people hire a professional home appraiser to determine whether they can get and afford to pay the mortgage. However, you can hire one to help you determine the value of your property whenever you want. A recent survey found out that 28 percent of homeowners hire an appraiser to help them find out the value of their property. An appraiser will do much more than help you discover the value of your property. They can:

  • Describe the characteristics of your property
  • Compare properties
  • Help you know more about the real estate market in your area

After looking at all these factors, your appraiser will deliver a report on the value of your home.

3.      Perform a comparative market analysis

You can estimate the value of your house by requesting your real estate agent to conduct a comparative market analysis. While this report won’t be as detailed as that of a professional appraiser, it will still be accurate. Real estate agents usually perform this analysis for a few dollars or at times, for free. However, when you ask your realtor to estimate the value of your home, they will treat it as an invitation to work with you throughout this process. Before asking for comparative market analysis, you need to choose an agent that you can work with comfortably.

4.      The FHFA House Index Price Calculator

Another great way to get a thorough analysis of your property is by using the Federal Housing Financing Agency house price index. This is a scientific method that provides an accurate value. The house price index uses the repeat sales method which involves analyzing the home’s change in value in previous sales using mortgage transactions data that has been gathered since the early 70s. It uses this information to estimate the value of your property given the current market trends. The disadvantages of this method are:

  • It only analyzes conforming home mortgages
  • It doesn’t consider inflation or seasonal changes

5.      Evaluate similar homes

You can discover the value of your home by comparing other similar homes in your area. It’s the most famous and simplest method in the US since most homeowners use it before selling their property. You need to ensure that you are comparing your home with the right ones. You need to look at homes with a similar location, age, size, condition, and upgrades. Think of other houses that your prospective buyer would choose instead of yours. Compare at least three homes to get an accurate price of your home.

6.      Look at expired and withdrawn listings

Look at withdrawn and expired listings to discover the value of your home. Expired listings are all the agreements that ran out without them being bought. On the other hand, withdrawn means that the homeowner doesn’t want to sell the property. Finding out the value of these properties in your neighborhood will help you find out the value of your property.


As you’ve seen, evaluating your property is extremely important. The process can be tiring and time-consuming. However, it’s worth it in the long run. Look at all the available options and try using at least two valuation methods.

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Leon Collier is a blogger and academic writer from the UK who has vast experience working with dissertation writing services and professional essay writing services. He loves to take on every challenge thrown at him and has the ability to deliver outstanding work regularly. When he’s not busy writing, he loves reading books and playing tabletop games with his friends. Follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12.

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bunkers for sale

What’s the deal with bunkers for sale?

For some reasons there have been a huge interest in abandoned bunkers for sale. Always there is an ad of a bunker for sale it gets at least ten times more hits than homes for sale. Surely, many just click on it out of curiosity but many are seriously interested. What is it that makes bunkers so attractive for buyers?

Although it is considered as the ultimate hiding place, the average underground bunker usually has no windows, just air vents and most of the times no electricity, toilet or running water.

Most subterranean shelters would be accessible through a straight up concrete shaft with a steel ladder, accessed by some sort of concrete or steel hatch on the ground.

The perfect historical restoration project

For all buyers who are interested in a historical restoration venture they are just perfect. It is a truly unique project that is sure to seduce. Unfortunately, there are not as many out there as interested buyers. That’s why, despite the bad state they usually are in they are not cheap.

Some people have been very creative and building their own amazing backyard bunkers. In this case don’t forget to get the proper permits before.

We could also see a recent movement of newly built bunkers – many especially for the upper class – that offer all modern comfort you can think of and look like out of a sci fi movie.

The “bunker for sale scam”

Sadly, whatever triggers a lot of interest in many people also inspires others to come up with a scam. In the bunker story it is no different.

The scam we have seen so far is this:

There is an ad with nice and very cheap bunkers for sale. Once you contact the advertiser, he will explain that he is very sick that is why he priced his bunker for a quick sale. Due to his condition, he is also not able to show the property but someone else can be paid to show it. Therefore, he will ask you for some money to see the bunker before you buy it. Needless to say, that after paying the money you will not hear from him ever again or have any way to get through to him.

Here are some red flags to look out for:

  • Price is cheaper than normal
  • The seller asks money to show you the property

Another good way is to use the Google Reverse Image Search with the images the advertiser has in the ad. You may find that he copied them from another website.


Our Property under 20k team are the founders of and with the goal to search the cheapest real estate in the world and make it easy for others to find. The team is made up of landlords, real estate investors, architects and builders from several different countries.  We just love to have a good strong cup of coffee while we write our experiences in this blog.

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