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3 potential houses/properties in one


€ 32,500


3 potential houses/properties in one

This property in Saxony (Germany) has great potential. Currently it is a house on the left hand side looking towards the building with what was an attached large shop/unit to the right. This what was shop/unit to the right could be split into two further houses as illustrated in the main photo. These two houses could be let out. The rent from these two houses could then give a significant income. So basically you could buy this property, finish renovating the main house, develop the two further houses in the what was shop/unit and live in the main house on the funds coming in from the other two houses. You could alternatively open a cafe/restaurant in the far right end part with a door opening out from the gable to an outdoor terrace/seating area and for example a bicycle and/or electric bike rental shop with accommodation above as in photo 2. There are many many kilometres of relatively flat great condition cycle ways throughout the countryside from the village. You could also set up a micro brewery in the mid section and a bar serving the brewed beer/ale in the end section once again with outdoor terrace/seating area. This would be ideal for a couple where for example the guy could run the bicycle and/or electric bike business and the lass the cafe/restaurant or the guy the micro brewery and the lass the bar or of course to be politically correct vice versa. What was the shop/unit is a great space with lots of potential for whatever you have in mind. The property is adjacent to the central square of the village with ample parking for visitors/guests/customers. It is also within 5 minutes walking to two large supermarkets. One has just been recently enlarged and totally modernised. The village is lovely and quiet at night. Within 5 minutes walk from the property is a great public swimming pool to enjoy during the summer months. Also there is large lake with various sandy beaches/coves, great for water sports or simply enjoying the sun. There is a direct train from the village to the nearest large town/city Leipzig that runs every hour from early morning to late night. Leipzig is beautiful and it is where Bach spent most of his life. The property is sturdy and the roof is in relatively good condition although does need some superficial attention in places. Significant work has already been completed clearing out the main house, the outside spaces and starting decorating. Unfortunately due to ongoing health issues work has currently stopped. It would be ideal for someone or couple who wishes to basically enjoy this lovely region and at the same time have a stable income without having to work by developing and renting the two additional houses or setting up a business or two for even more capital to enjoy.

The whole property is classed as one residential building and the property tax is around 35€ per month. The water is currently disconnected but can easily be reconnected again. There is a current obliged/unavoidable charge of around 15€ per month for rainwater management. Electric is currently on and there is a basic 10€ charge on that per month. So currently without water connected and no electrical usage the overall monthly cost of the entire property is around 50€. There are no rates connected with what was the shop/unit.

Ps This property does need a lot of work hence the price. However if you are prepared to do that work the rewards could be amazing. The combined properties could be worth between 200,000€ - 300,000€ when completed depending on the quality of finish.

Please note it is not in Leipzig but around 25min train ride away. If interested contact me for exact location.


Property ID: 43139

Floor area:
390 m²




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