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2 acre plot and river in the Highlands of Scotland


€ 14,200


2 acre plot and river in the Highlands of Scotland

Beautiful 2 acre plot in Caithness

What a lovely spot this is! We call it the “Lagoon” because it has a body of water in the middle of the land fed by a burn. Probably the purest water in the country, smooth as silk having been filtered through peat lands.

The site is divided into two fields, lower by the road and upper. Fully fenced. Total area is about 2 acres. We’ve created a good and wide access point with many tons of stone and concrete. And laid out the special Geo membrane on which some lorry loads of stone can be placed to make a roadway (I can recommend a source of stone).

The upper field includes half of a large pond (the other half owned by the neighbouring smallholding, Valley View).
This would be lovely place to pitch your tent or caravan, or build a holiday home (subject to planning permission). It’s situated a few miles down a by road off the popular tourist route, North coast 500, in Caithness. Distant sea view.

If you forgotten what fresh air and fresh water and simple peace and quiet are like, then this plot will reacquaint you. Whilst it’s not in the middle of nowhere, it’s in a calm and peaceful low valley, with homesteads dotted here and there. It’s common to see interesting wildlife, such as birds of prey swirling in the sky, hundreds of frogs suddenly appear after heavy rain, or the occasional deer.

The focal point is the burn and the lagoon. And creating a bridge over it shouldn’t be a problem. We made one in three days on the neighbouring property when we owned that and it can take heavy lorries.

When we sold Valley view next door, we retained these 2 acres as we thought it would be a beautiful place to put a holiday chalet. We were going to plant trees around the perimeter for windbreak and privacy and make a driveway, build a bridge and creator a hard standing area on the other side of the lagoon. However, health problems have forced a re-evaluation.
We were either going to pitch a caravan there, such as the neighbour has done on the right side, who as far as we know lives there (he has planted a nice woodland of trees). Or build a chalet. For the chalet, a raised area of hard standing would be a good idea as the area is considered a low line because of the burn. However, the land on the other side of the lagoon is higher and free draining.

It’s worth noting that there is a general guideline for planning permission in this part of Scotland that a residence can only be built every so often along a road. We are informed that this plot is sufficiently far from a new property built up the road to comply. But of course make your own checks.

Caithness offers some of the most unpolluted and beautiful landscapes in the British Isles. This plot is close to the main tourist route and in fact just up the road are the famous Camster Cairns. These are substantial structures, which you can actually crawl into and date back about four and half thousand years!

So, if you want to escape the noise, traffic jams and general stress of modern life, this is the place. A large plot with its own natural water supply. In an area of very low crime and where people generally have time to talk. Hard to find these days.

Sale price is £12,500. Not a lot to secure your piece of natural beauty.

The attach pictures should give a good idea of what’s on offer. And needless to say, any questions just contact me.



Property ID: 11510

Size of land:
10000 m²

United Kingdom


Occumster, Caithness, Scotland
Close to:
Hospital, Bus stop, Shopping area, Touristic area, Natural park, Forest, Lake, River.
Countryside, Village, Mountain, Beach.

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